Using Remote Access VPN

Remote Access VPN connection to VPC or Guest Network to access Instances and applications. This section consider you have enable Remonte acccess VPN, refer to: Remote Access VPN.

When connected to a VPC via VPN, the client have access to all Tiers.

Following information is required to confiture VPN client:

  • Public IP: source NAT with VPN enabled.
  • IPsec pre-shared key: Provide at the VPN activation.
  • Username VPN account username.
  • Password VPN account password.


Mac OSX provide native IPsec VPN client.

  1. Into System Preferences -> Network

  2. Click “+” button and add a VPN:

    • Interface: VPN
    • VPN Type: L2TP over IPSec
    • Service Name: (ex: test-vpc1)
  3. Configure L2TP over IPsec

    ../_images/osxvpn_form1.png ../_images/osxvpn_form2.png
  4. Inside Authentication Settings…

  5. Connect into VPN

    1. Click Apply to apply Network configuration changes.

    2. Click Connect to initiate VPN connection.


Microsoft Windows

Following instruction have been perform using Windows 8.1 using Native VPN client.

  1. Create network VPN connection

    ../_images/win1.png ../_images/win2.png ../_images/win3.png ../_images/win4.png ../_images/win5.png ../_images/win6.png
  2. Configure VPN settings

    ../_images/win7.png ../_images/win8.png ../_images/win9.png ../_images/win10.png ../_images/win11.png
  3. Initiate VPN connection

    ../_images/win12.png ../_images/win13.png ../_images/win14.png


Following instruction have been perform using Ubuntu 17.10 using the network-manager-l2tp-gnome.

  1. Add VPN connection using network manager:

  2. Configure VPN settings:

    ../_images/ubuntu2.png ../_images/ubuntu3.png
  3. Add routing as required:

  4. Initiate VPN connection